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January 1st   - Date of ownership, assessment date, and qualification date of Residential Exemption as owner and occupant. 

February 1st - Third quarter actual tax bill due and deadline for filing applications for Overvaluation Abatement.

March 1st    -  Deadline date for filing Personal Property Forms of List.  Deadline date for tax-exempt property filing of Form 3 ABC. Those filing for tax-exempt status for the first time must also file a form 1B-3.

March 31st  -  Deadline to file for Residential Exemption and Statutory Exemptions.
                        (March 31st or three months after the actual tax bill is sent)

May 1st        -  Fourth quarter actual tax bill due.

June 30th   -  End of the fiscal year.  Last day for Assessors to assess new growth for next fiscal year.

July 1st        -  Start of the fiscal year.  Qualification date for statutory exemptions, (elderly, veteran, over 65, over 70, blind).

August 1st   -  First quarter preliminary tax bill due.

November 1st    - Second quarter preliminary tax bill due.

December 31st  - Third quarter actual tax bills are mailed with new fiscal year assessment and tax rate.