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2014 Assessment Appeals Due Feb. 3
Any taxpayer who feels that the value the Assessors have placed on their property does not 
reflect market value has the right to appeal. Appeals must be made to the Assessors within 
one month of the issuance of the actual third quarter tax bill or by February 1. Application 
for abatement or appeal can be obtained at the Assessors Office or by accessing the link on 
the Assessors homepage at “Department Forms,” and click on link to “Application for 
Abatement for Real and Personal property tax.” Income and expense forms, if needed, can 
be printed from the forms list as well. 
Note that abatement applications must be filed in the Assessors Office by no later than the 
close of business on Monday, Feb. 3, 2014, or will be considered late at which point the Board of 
Assessors loses jurisdiction to abate the bill. Applications, however, will be accepted if 
mailed to the Assessors Office and showing a U. S. postal postmark of February 3, 2014 or earlier. 
The Board of Assessors has three (3) months from the date of application to issue a decision. 
Applicants aggrieved by a decision of the Board can appeal to the State Appellate Tax Board 
within three (3) months of the date of the Board of Assessors notice. 
Note that the filing of abatement does not stay the collection of the tax. To preserve all 
appeal rights, bills should be paid timely by the due date without incurring interest. 
Additional inquiries can be made at the Assessors Office, by email at 
assessingatsomervillema [dot] gov, or by calling the Office at 617 626-6600 x3100.